Volume 6 Issue 11

Surveillance Networks [Download] 

Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Mahamadou Tembely, Sarhan M. Musa


Review of the Development of Several True 3D Display Technology[Download] 

Yang Liu, Yong Kong, Guo Xu


Fluoride Removal Efficiency of Commercially Available Reverse Osmosis Water Purifying Systems in Removing Fluoride Ions from Drinking Water in India [Download] 

Dr.Chandra Sekhara Reddy.V, Dr. Prathyusha Reddy.V,  Dr. Krishna Kumar.RVS, Dr . Sudhir K. M., Dr. Srinivasulu G.


Computational Economics [Download] 

Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Mahamadou Tembely, Sarhan M. Musa


Analysis on the Generation and Control of Strip Defects on the Surface of Color Coated Plates[Download] 

Li Hai-ying


Design of Quick-sensing Device for Temperature Difference Generation Environment Based on Single Chip Microcomputer[Download] 

Xian Hu, Jing Zhang


3D modeling of Complex Structure based on AutoCAD VBA [Download] 

Shiming Liu


Analysis on Quenching Cracks of Engine Crankshaft [Download] 

Jinglong Fan, Fulong Chen