Volume 6 Issue 2

Design of 10m/100m Ethernet Switch Based on Arm [Download]

Rui Fan , Liping Zhang , Caijun Xu


Optimization of the Energy Characteristic of a Refrigerating Machine with Cold Accumulator [Download]

Ikem, A. Ikem, M.I. Ibeh, Paul O. Yusuf, Barki Emmanuel, S. A. Takim


Inductive Learning of Fuzzy Rule-Based Classifier with Self-Constructing Clustering [Download]

Chie-Hong Lee, Cheng-Ru Wang, Yann-Yean Su, Shie-Jue Lee


A Five Line Stave Decision Model for Constructing a Big Trend Decision Support System for ETF Mutual Fund Investment [Download]

Weissor Shiue, Hao-Wei Chen, Wei-Sheng Liang, Annie Y.H. Chou, Frank S.C. Tseng


Nonlinear Analysis of Foundations with Concentric Openings [Download]

C Savitha, S Chandrakaran, T M Madhavanpillai


Study on Slaughterhouse Waste Water Treatment by SBR [Download]

Ashok Iranna Pilgonde


Isolation of Colliding Attackers Using Wormhole Path Watcher Packet (WPWP)


Dr.A.Nagesh ,  A.Gopi ,  R.Akkilesh Reddy


Study on Method of Domestic Wastewater Treatment through New-Type Multi-Layer Artificial Wetland [Download]

Rajkumar Pandurang More


Automated Restaurant Ordering System Based on Embedded Technology [Download]

Indu S, Lyla B Das


Design Concept of Mangrove Kampung in Surabaya based on Sustainable Ecotourism[Download]

Anita Dianingrum, Emiria Letfiani, Happy Ratna Santosa, Rika Kisnarini, Dewi Septanti


Utilization & Specification of Plastic Waste in Bituminous Roads [Download]

Somesh Jethwani, Shubham Ashish Jha , Dheeraj Sangtiani


Implementation of Lean Principles: Towards Augmenting Productivity in Construction Industry – A Literature Review [Download]



Design and Analysis of Motor Casing for an Aerospace Vehicle [Download]

Chunchu Sravanthi, Pratibha Dharmavarapu ,Pooja Angolkar


Application of Neural Network PID Controller in Small Medical Thermostat [Download]

LeiXu, LipingZhang, ZhikuanCui, Caijun Xu


Cloud Computing for Chittagong Metropolitan Health information Technology


Nurul  Absar, Mohammad Farok

Performance Measurement of Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Protocol in IP Networks [Download]

Nurul  Absar, Md. Abdul Wahab, Md. Kamor  Uddin  Sikder