Special Issue 13

This One Day International Conference on Convergent Innovative Technologies (ICCIT-2016) was organizing by Department of CSE, ISE & MCA, Cambridge institute of Technology Bangalore India on 20th May 2016


Trusted Platform Module based User Attestation Architecture for Cloud Infrastructure [Download]

Pramod , Dr. B R Prasad Babu


Securing Cloud Computing Environment using a Novel Method of Cryptography [Download]

Yatheendra K V, Shashirekha H


FOG COMPUTING – Focusing on users at the edge of IOT [Download]

Nataraj A V


EPH – Enhancement of parralel mining using Hadoop [Download]

Neha Mangla, Sushma K


Enhancing Visual Quality in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images by using Contrast Enhancement Techniques [Download]

Muddasir Khan, Ashwini S.S


Monitoring Of Timing Module through Ethernet based on NIOS II FPGA Platform [Download]

P.Rajasekhar Reddy, Dr. Bharathi S. H


Implementation Of PV Based Multiple Input Bidirectional Buck- Boost Converter For Grid Tied Application [Download]

Ramagondappa Patil, Mrs. Ashwini Kumari P


Design of Low power, Dead zone free CMOS PFD for PLL [Download]

Mr. Yeshwanth.A, Mrs. Raji.C


Design of Low Power and High Speed 4-Bit Ripple Carry Adder Using GDI Multiplexer [Download]

Yemmiganur. Sowmya, Raganna. A


LIFI System For Automation With Device Control And Data Transmission Using Led And Solar Panel [Download]

Mrs.Shaista Tarannum , Mrs. Meghashree A C , Dr A V Srikantan


SIP signaling system with timed-out packets Modeling and simulation based on Sim Events [Download]

Garima Mishra


Efficiency and performance review of Montgomery modular multiplication based on VLSI architecture [Download]

Ebin Geo Johnson, Neethu K


Design of FINFET [Download]

Girish H, Dr. Shashikumar D.R.


Design and Implementation of FM modem on FPGA for SDR using Simulink [Download]

Lavanya T , Natraj URS HD


Design and Development of Health Monitoring System [Download]

Gaganashree H B, Ganavi B S, Priyanka G, Ranjitha V, Dr.Indumathi G


Home Automation Prototype using IoT [Download]

Abhijith Vishnu, Asher P Samuel, Jishnu V R, Kiran J, Prof. Ravikumar M.


Design and Implementation of Reversible 8-bit ALU with Optimized Area, Delay and Power [Download]



FIR Filter Implementation on FPGA [Download]

Sriraksha S, Vasudha R, Jayashree Rajashekar


Scout Robot for Surveillance [Download]

Sam Sunder A, Ganesh K V,Nikil Raj R ,Ramesh K V


IOT based Transformer Power Theft Detection and Protection [Download]

Sridhar S, Bharath H, Vishvesh V, Gowtham K V


IOT operated Wheel chair [Download]

Abhishek P V, Manjunath H G, Sudarshan P B, Varun Reddy K P


Smart Helmet [Download]

Gurukumar A, Jagadish V m, Sandeepa P M, Sumanth M S


Smart Helmet [Download]

Gurukumar A, Jagadish V m, Sandeepa P M, Sumanth M S


Electronic Soft Start Of 3 Phase Induction Motor (Using Back To Back Scrs) [Download]

Mrs. Ankita Srivastava , Nitesh Kumar ,Saurav


Design of a buck converter [Download]

B.Venkatesh , Nethravathi.S


Three-point MPPT Technique for Photovoltaic Systems [Download]

Malavika V Vasist ,Ambarish K S, B.Venkatesh


Role of Electrical Drives in an Automatic Waste Segregator Plan [Download]

Soniya agarwal, B. Venkatesh , kiran L


Generation of Switching pulses for a 3 x 3 Matrix Converter [Download]

Arpita Banik , Mamatha N


Anti-Collision Of Vehicles By Automated Speed & Steering Control [Download]

Vishnu murthy R.M , H.V.Govinda raju